Mattia Serra

Contact Information

Mattia Serra

Ph.D. student

Institute for Mechanical Systems

ETH Zürich, LEE Bldg, M 201

Leonhardstrasse 21

8092 Zürich

Tel.: +41 44 633 8447

Email: serram{at}


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  • Invariant manifold of a null-geodesic flow
  • Hyerbolic OECSs in the ocean
  • Parabolic OECS in the ocean
  • Elliptic OECSs in the ocean
  • Persistence of Eulerian vortices
  • Closed null geodesic
  • Stratospheric polar vortex edge
  • Materially optimal stratospheric polar vortex edge
  • Dependent modal space control
  • Hazards prediction and response
  • Proc. Royal Soc. A cover page
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