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Mechanics is a basic field of science and deals with the motion and deformation of bodies under the action of forces.

The former Institute of Mechanics has over the last 30 years evolved from a mainly theoretical institute to a center of competence in many subfields of mechanics:

It covers research from basic science to applied industrial problems,

uses theoretical, experimental and computational approaches to these problems

and interacts intensively with neighboring fields like mathematics, informatics, bioengineering, mechatronics, micro- and nanosystem technology, materials science and others.

Each year, we teach the continuously growing knowledge in mechanics to hundreds of bachelor students in mechanical, civil, electrical and environmental engineering as well as materials sciences. We teach the young students how to solve real world problems, including the steps of modeling, applying mathematical theories, solving the mathematical problems and interpreting the results in terms of the relevant physical quantities.

In addition, we offer advanced courses in specialized fields of mechanics to master's students in many disciplines, incorporating our latest achievements in research.

Research is mostly done within our doctoral program, where a doctoral student works on a specific problem over about 4 years.


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